Well-wooded Words – a book for Christmas?

Well-wooded Words

a book for Christmas?

Poetry trail booklet (low)

Are you planning for presents?
Why not add a touch of something leafy?

With 30 poems from 17 poets “Well-wooded words” takes its readers (and listeners – try reading these aloud to friends, loved ones and people who really don’t like you) from the wide moors of the high hills, over the craggy rocks of the edges, into the clear water of limestone streams and into the underground darkness of water-worn caves….

This collection contains poems from the first Grinlow Poetry Trail (2015), nominated for “excellence in spoken word” as part of Buxton Festival Fringe with our poets offering poems that

share your enjoyment, your passions, your delights and your despairs of, from or about the Peaks

Here, you can find poems that celebrate the ordinary and the everyday…
Grinlow woods
This morning, I am stepping
through my door
to walk around this town
on streets new with downpour.
I want to follow my feet;
to feel pavements rise and fall
around corners, between storeys,
by dripping gates and garden walls.

(from Buxton Rain by Karey Lucas-Hughes)

Grinlow 1…that turn everyday encounters into challenges…

So which one of you double dared me?
I’m no spring chicken but you don’t scare me.
Just you wait. You’ll see.
Do you think I’m afraid?
Of some hairy leaved weed?
(from Nettled by Linda Goulden)

…and that touch the beauty of the moors under the high clouds…

Peat pulses in my veins.

Stone stirs, settles in my bones.

The wide, wild moor 
stretches over my skin,


whispering of another life.
(from The wide, wild moor by Angie Pearson)

We have a few copies left. Priced at £4.00 (includes P&P unless it’s going overseas – ask for details)

Cheques to “Stone and Water”
Available from: Stone and Water 51-d West Road, Buxton, SK17 6HQ
Email: stoneandwater@btinternet.com
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invite an adventure into the green

invite an adventure into the green