The end of the bones

Bone Detectives for British Science Week 12th – 20th March 2016 There were bones, and teeth, there were skulls and even the fragmented paw of a cave lion. And there was time to look, to handle , turn over, touch, test a fingertip against a crocodile’s tooth. Time to talk, wonder, ask and ask againContinue reading “The end of the bones”

Bone Detectives, 1

Bone Detectives 1 The secrets of the skulls Buxton Museum and Art gallery, 12th March 2016 There were skulls, and some more skulls, and a Victorian Engineer’s cabinet of little bits of things and a decoupage box of seashells and then a box of mystery skulls….There was laughter and drawing and attempts to have bigContinue reading “Bone Detectives, 1”