Rockpools and trilobites

After rocks, fossils and wriggly creatures our day at the National Stone Centre Fossils to hold, investigate and draw, a sheet to fill in, or new sheets of paper for your own drawings. There were plastic models of what the organisms who we meet as fossils might have looked like “why is this shark pink?”,Continue reading “Rockpools and trilobites”

Butterflies, bumbles and picnics

Butterflies, bumbles and picnics   Monday 6th August 2018 Darley Park, Derby     The Derwent Stories project has got off to an old stones and fossils start with a lively day at the National Stone Centre last week (pictures and report to follow soon!). The next event will be a day of picnics andContinue reading “Butterflies, bumbles and picnics”

a house with long-bone fences

Lost Stories of Buxton Thursday 19th July Buxton Library an event as part of Buxton Festival Fringe There were silly stories and horrible stories and slightly sticky stories involving marshmallows…. There were ideas about unicorns and ice cream While the Gorgs live in an underground city, With a cold water supply from the mountain WhereContinue reading “a house with long-bone fences”

a sea of grasshopper sound

sinking into a sea of grasshopper sound National Meadows Day 6th July 2018 National Meadow Day (Saturday 6th July) found the Stone and Water team loitering in the dry but beautiful meadows of the Upper Dove Valley, revelling in the sweep of grass, sudden flutters of butterflies and swallows flickering overhead. In a partnership withContinue reading “a sea of grasshopper sound”

Summer excitements!

Laughter, buzzards, buildings and fun A season of family events From fabulous buildings to amazing creatures, from wide skies and rolling clouds to blizzards, rain and vanishing rivers, we’ll be celebrating the wonderful world of the South West Peak. Picking up on themes around wildlife, history, buildings and people, these events will invite participants toContinue reading “Summer excitements!”

Festival Fringe excitements, July 2018

The Tiny! Tide rolls in again! For the umpteenth time (we’ve lost track of how many Tiny! Days we’ve had), a Tiny! Event will cheerfully frolic its way into the Pavilion Gardens for some Tiny! fun. We are also involved in the Lost Stories event on 19th and the Buxton Pride Picnic on 21st (separateContinue reading “Festival Fringe excitements, July 2018”

Rocks, fossils and wriggly creatures

Rocks, fossils and wriggly creatures Wednesday 25th July Times: 2 sessions: 11 – 1 and 2 – 4 Where: National Stone Centre, Wirksworth, DE4 4LS. More directions, here A chance to look at a world older than the dinosaurs! A day of handling fossils, examining rocks and wondering at the animal life of the CarboniferousContinue reading “Rocks, fossils and wriggly creatures”