A day for picnics

a Day for Picnics

Light through oak leaves

a Derwent Stories event

Darley Park

6th August


Where did we go, 2

After our Derwent Stories events, we are posting blogs  a) where did we go – so you could go there yourself, maybe, and b) the activity we did there – so you could do that yourself, either in the same venue or somewhere else

This is the “place” report for  our Bumbles, Butterflies and Picnics day. You could look at our Fossil Day reports here (National Stone Centre) and here (make your own ancient rockpool)


At Darley Park, we had a day of sunshine and sprawling comfortably on the grass, taking time to make and draw and talk: a relaxed and cheerful sort of day. We were making our own Bumble and butterfly books – do it yourself instructions can be found here


But for now….

butterflies still on the nettles?

Where did we go: Darley Park, Derby. This is a large park with lots of beautiful old trees, wide meadows and gentle hills for rolling down. There are good paths and lots of different areas to explore

Getting there: buses stop on the edge of the park and there are car parks round the edges. This link will take you a sit for directions and bus numbers. We used the free car parks at Darley St, DE22 1 DX, and at the end of Darley Park Drive

Access: there are wide, even paths across the path so wheel- or push- chairs can get around easily. Some of the hills, while not very steep can feel quite loooong so do your exercises first


finger bumbles…

Facilities: there are toilets and an excellent café towards the northern end of the park (about 5 minutes from the car parks above)

Wildlife: there are lots of beautiful trees, some patches of woodland, a wildflower meadow and a lovely butterfly garden near the cafe

Busy-ness: yes, this is a large park near the centre of Derby so it does get busy. But it is so large that it is easy to find your own spaces and feel comfortable there. The café and toilets area can feel a bit crowded at times

we made bumble, butterfly, bug and beetle books






What did other people think? Tripadvisor report on Darley Park


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