Family events and some Tiny! Pirates

THE RETURN OF THE TINY! PIRATES 5 and 13 August 2019 Pavilion Gardens, Buxton After a couple of years sailing the seven seas (or maybe just the ponds in Pavilion Gardens), the Tiny! Pirates are back! On Monday 5th and Tuesday 13th August, we’ll be making Tiny! pirates in Pavilion Gardens, Buxton, SK17 6BE. HereContinue reading “Family events and some Tiny! Pirates”

Buxton’s Big Gay Cake Off

Buxton’s Big Gay Bake Off The Buxton Pride Picnic Saturday 20th July 2 – 5pm Pavilion Gardens, on the lawns in front of the Swimming Pool free and wonderful bring soft drinks, a rug to sit and some sandwiches if you need emergency sustainance Following two previously successful years, and a Spirit Of The FringeContinue reading “Buxton’s Big Gay Cake Off”