Pompoms and boxes!

Pompoms and boxes

Winter scenes at the Green Man Gallery

a reindeer sky

A gentle afternoon as the festive season starts. The Green Man Gallery’s Christmas sale all around us, a tree of glowing colour and rich green, and pompoms bouncing off the tables in an uncontrolled sort of a way…..

The afternoon of decoration making as part of our A Year In Our Town (AYIOT) project was a great success with 30 people going home with little wintry scenes to hang in trees and, (more) pompoms. There is even a story taking shape of a snowman a star, heart and a fox but that will keep for another day
Our next post (later this week) will show you how to make these little boxes yourself. Otherwise, our next AYIOT events will be in January (18th – Buxton Museum, 19th – upstairs in the Cavendish Arcade) where we will be making little lanterns to keep the cold winter at bay…..Details to follow very soon!

owl and deer box

the fox and the snowman

there’s a penguin here….

can you find the lobster pot?

reindeer sky

midwinter hare

one pompom all alone….

….a pompom cluster

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