Castles, Trilobites and Treasures

Low R Wie strip

As these strange distanced, locked-down weeks continue, there are lots of activities appearing online to stop your thumbs twiddling and your fingers fidgeting

Stone and Water artists have been working closely with Buxton Museum and Art Gallery and Creeping Toad. Now, there are several SnW activities on the Museum blog with films of the same activities on the Museum’s Youtube channel. Rather than repeating all those posts (although you will find some here), we thought we would post some links through to the museum sites so you could go Questing for Trilobites or tell other people about your death-defying Search for a Mystery Object through the Wildes of the Pavilion Gardens past the Canada Geese of Despair….

Things to make…there are guides to making

Low Story towers

Castles, towers, woods and palaces


Low Trilobite 98Finger puppet Trilobites


Hand puppet fish and ancient sharks to chase those trilobites

Low Shark 10

Other things to do

If you visit the Museum blog you will find other activities as well and you can tease yourself with the Gigantic Buxton Museum and Art Gallery Quiz or argue about the latest Mystery Object

Chee Tor on the River Wye, Derbyshire copy
not much of a mystery place but does Chee Tor still look this ? Did it ever?

If you have a Mystery Object yourself, if it is safe, polite and not-too-offensive to share, why not send us a picture…or if you have something ancient (no, not a parent or other relative) you’re not sure about why not send a picture of that in and we can all be confused as well!


Please! Exercise those imaginations and join us on a learning, discovering, making and laughing journey through the art and histories of the Peak District



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We are a community group based in Buxton, Derbyshire, UK. Our goal is to celebrate the people, wildlife and landscapes of the Peak District through participatory art and environment activities

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