Are you ready to picnic?

Buxton Pride Picnic 2020 Saturday 18th July 14:00 – 17:00 Pavilion Gardens, Buxton Find us on the lawns in front of the Swimming Pool ( Festival Fringe venue 33n)   Are you ready? Have you started trimming your best hats, practising your flouncing? Time now, perhaps, for a quick bit of cake rehearsal: how campContinue reading “Are you ready to picnic?”

Apple Day in Buxton

Apple Day Sunday 13th October 11am – 3pm Serpentine Community Farm, Buxton*   Autumn and ’tis the season for apples and fruit and the richness that comes before the frost….Apple Day in Buxton   Our Stone and Water artists are joining the Serpentine Farm team for a day of Apple-related excitements!   There will beContinue reading “Apple Day in Buxton”

Buxton’s Big Gay Cake Off

Buxton’s Big Gay Bake Off The Buxton Pride Picnic Saturday 20th July 2 – 5pm Pavilion Gardens, on the lawns in front of the Swimming Pool free and wonderful bring soft drinks, a rug to sit and some sandwiches if you need emergency sustainance Following two previously successful years, and a Spirit Of The FringeContinue reading “Buxton’s Big Gay Cake Off”

The Lost Beasts of Buxton

The Lost Beasts of Buxton make a mask, a hat, a monster 1 – 4pm, Saturday 29th June Buxton Museum and Art Gallery   Make a carnival mask or hat inspired by our very own sabre-tooth cats, cave lions, wild horses and mammoths. Once upon a time, and not so long ago, there were wolvesContinue reading “The Lost Beasts of Buxton”

Hats for a Pride Picnic

Summer Hats Sunday 30th June 1 – 4pm Pavilion Gardens, Buxton* How will you decorate yours? With ribbons and ruffles? With beads, flowers, butterflies and bits? Will there be pom-poms and fringes, and tassles over your ears?     It’s summer! And with the Buxton Pride Picnic on that flowery horizon, we’re having an afternoonContinue reading “Hats for a Pride Picnic”

Pride, Cakes and Picnics!

Buxton Gay Pride Picnic Saturday 20th July 2019  2pm – 5pm Pavilion Gardens, Buxton, SK17 6BE  From gay gateaux to outrageous hats, this year’s Picnic looks set  to be our tastiest and most colourful yet! Everyone is welcome to join our 3rd annual celebration of the LGBTQ+ community of the Peaks. Bring a picnic forContinue reading “Pride, Cakes and Picnics!”

Rock guitar and apples….

Apple Day Dove Valley Centre, 14th October 2018 Small feet flapping on a tablecloth, small hands wave with fruity good cheer, an angel flutters wings and a strawberry fish and an Appllyfish* swam together through the waters of the Dove….   This was a Creeping Toad event for Stone and Water, I do hope no-oneContinue reading “Rock guitar and apples….”

Leaf-wolves and danger-rabbits

Leaf-wolves and Danger-rabbits Corbar Woods, Buxton Corbar Woods are one of the oldest woodlands in Buxton. For Victorian visitors there were walks and elegant arbours, curving bridges and beautiful vistas. All that is gone, but the older heart of the wood remains with some wonderful trees, bluebells in spring and a whole community of theContinue reading “Leaf-wolves and danger-rabbits”