Prehistoric shark puppets

A FINGER FULL OF FISH make your own finger puppet ancient fish and prehistoric sharks   Recently, we had you making trilobites and other ancient sea creatures as fingerpuppets. In this session, let’s add some danger to the trilobites world with some large prehistoric fish…..   You might enjoy Dunkleosteus: 5 m long with jawsContinue reading “Prehistoric shark puppets”

Make, take, play, laugh…spring activities coming up

Time To Make And Draw activities for a strange Spring With all our planned events for the next few weeks cancelled, we are planning on posting some d-i-y activities to help keep your creativity going at home. To do this, we’re teaming up with Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Creeping Toad, the Babbling Vagabonds andContinue reading “Make, take, play, laugh…spring activities coming up”

Light in a winter darkness

Winter Lights 18, 19 January 2020   This weekend saw two gentle events in Buxton Museum and Art Gallery and in the Cavendish Arcade as part of our “A Year in Our Town” project. Recycling plastic bottles (or odd bits of plastic and plastic cups), we made either small lanterns, tiny lanterns (think of theContinue reading “Light in a winter darkness”

Winter lights, public event

Winter Lights “drive the cold winter away” free events in Buxton 1. Saturday 18th January Buxton Museum and Art Gallery 1 – 4pm Terrace Rd, Buxton, SK17 6DA 2. Sunday 19th January Cavendish Arcade, Buxton, 12 – 3pm Terrace Rd, Buxton, SK17 6BQ     Winter Lights “… a little light to drive the coldContinue reading “Winter lights, public event”

Old cards and new scenes: Christmas activity

Old cards and new scenes a holiday activity for the festive season Having a bit of a fidget? Nothing to do? Bored? And it’s raining again? Why not dig out last year’s Christmas cards from the bundle at the bottom of the cupboard, or stealthily purloin one of this year’s, or the birthday cards youContinue reading “Old cards and new scenes: Christmas activity”

Midwinter decorations event

Midwinter Decorations Green Man Gallery, Buxton Sunday 1st December 12 – 4pm   Glittery pom-poms, beautiful boxes, ribbon pom-poms, Stocking Snaffler, Mince-pie Muncher, Present Peeker, frilly pom-poms.   From naughty Yulelad decorations for a branch to pom-poms for trees, windows, noses, ears and anywhere you like, join the Stone and Water team to make someContinue reading “Midwinter decorations event”

The Lost Beasts of Buxton

The Lost Beasts of Buxton make a mask, a hat, a monster 1 – 4pm, Saturday 29th June Buxton Museum and Art Gallery   Make a carnival mask or hat inspired by our very own sabre-tooth cats, cave lions, wild horses and mammoths. Once upon a time, and not so long ago, there were wolvesContinue reading “The Lost Beasts of Buxton”

a book of bees?

Build your own book a Derwent Stories activity On our Bumbles, butterflies and picnics day with Derwent Stories, we made Bumble Books and drew in these the insects and flowers we were finding.   These are concertina books which essentially fit one long folded strip of paper into a cover. Once you are used to doingContinue reading “a book of bees?”

Summer excitements!

Laughter, buzzards, buildings and fun A season of family events From fabulous buildings to amazing creatures, from wide skies and rolling clouds to blizzards, rain and vanishing rivers, we’ll be celebrating the wonderful world of the South West Peak. Picking up on themes around wildlife, history, buildings and people, these events will invite participants toContinue reading “Summer excitements!”

Festival Fringe excitements, July 2018

The Tiny! Tide rolls in again! For the umpteenth time (we’ve lost track of how many Tiny! Days we’ve had), a Tiny! Event will cheerfully frolic its way into the Pavilion Gardens for some Tiny! fun. We are also involved in the Lost Stories event on 19th and the Buxton Pride Picnic on 21st (separateContinue reading “Festival Fringe excitements, July 2018”