A Bronze Day

Bronze Age Technology Saturday 4th or Sunday 5th March 2017 Dove Valley Centre, Longnor The ability to work bronze changed our world 3,000 years ago. It took an edge and held it, finer and sharper than flint that chipped or chert that cracked. Bronze offered a new blade, a different weight, a certain shining glamour.Continue reading “A Bronze Day”

The end of the bones

Bone Detectives for British Science Week 12th – 20th March 2016 There were bones, and teeth, there were skulls and even the fragmented paw of a cave lion. And there was time to look, to handle , turn over, touch, test a fingertip against a crocodile’s tooth. Time to talk, wonder, ask and ask againContinue reading “The end of the bones”

Bone detectives!

BONE DETECTIVES Discovering the secrets of the skulls We are very excited to announce some delightfully bony workshops happening in March. As part of British Science Week, we are working with Buxton Museum and Art Gallery and Creeping Toad to offer a series of events and workshops exploring skulls. Stone and Water was awarded aContinue reading “Bone detectives!”