Prehistoric shark puppets

A FINGER FULL OF FISH make your own finger puppet ancient fish and prehistoric sharks   Recently, we had you making trilobites and other ancient sea creatures as fingerpuppets. In this session, let’s add some danger to the trilobites world with some large prehistoric fish…..   You might enjoy Dunkleosteus: 5 m long with jawsContinue reading “Prehistoric shark puppets”

Fingerfulls of trilobites

FINGERFULS OF TRILOBITES This is another of a number of posts replacing activity sessions which we have had to cancel. Fingerfossils is a Creeping Toad event in conjunction with Buxton Museum and Art Gallery and Stone and Water. Based in Buxton in the Peak District, we all collaborate and support each other as we can,Continue reading “Fingerfulls of trilobites”

Talking Stones!

Talking stones! Sunday 16th September 12 – 4pm Mt Cook Adventure Centre Wirksworth DE4 4LS Derwent Stories  at Altitude Youth Music and Arts Festival   Do you like rocks? Do you investigate stones and enjoy fossils? Join us for a different take on some familiar minerals! We’re going to be making puppets inspired by theContinue reading “Talking Stones!”

Make your own ancient rockpool

Inspired by fossils Make your own ancient rockpool A Derwent Stories activity What might you have found if you had strolled along the beach of an ancient sea a few hudnred million years ago…. We have used this easy technique many times. We designed it for public events where we would have to make aContinue reading “Make your own ancient rockpool”

Rockpools and trilobites

After rocks, fossils and wriggly creatures our day at the National Stone Centre Fossils to hold, investigate and draw, a sheet to fill in, or new sheets of paper for your own drawings. There were plastic models of what the organisms who we meet as fossils might have looked like “why is this shark pink?”,Continue reading “Rockpools and trilobites”

Draw your own Trilobite!

As our Ancient Landscape project tides run out quietly, we thought we would keep ideas and activities going out there in the wider ancient seas of everyone else’s lives.   We are going to produce several activity blogs to encourage you to explore fossil worlds creatively!   Drawing trilobites This might seem silly but we’veContinue reading “Draw your own Trilobite!”

The tide is running!

Stone and Water have had a lively few weeks.   Our Ancient Landscape project has been inviting people to paddle in a prehistoric Carboniferous sea all over the place, while our Tiny! series of events in Buxton Festival Fringe featured The Return of the Tiny! Pirates. Our working principle with Tiny! is that nothing isContinue reading “The tide is running!”

The Tide Comes In!

An ancient sea in Hartington!    On Sunday 12th May from 1 – 5pm, the ancient landscapes of the Peak District will come to life again (albeit a bit woolly and fluffy) in Hartington As part of the events to launch the Village Trail, our Ancient Landscape will be on show. Visitors will be welcome toContinue reading “The Tide Comes In!”

Sunshine and Trilobites

Miller’s Dale, Saturday 6th April A sunny day in the Peak District! This felt like an exciting release after weeks of cold snow and slippery roads and visitors came rushing out to bask in the sunshine.  And the stones were waiting! We had a lovely day working with visitors to this peaceful stopping point onContinue reading “Sunshine and Trilobites”

Fossils, Art and Inspiration

  Fossils, Art and Inspiration 2 days of art for grown-ups Sunday 10th and Sunday 17ht March 2013 at the Dove Valley Centre, nr Longnor two days of activities with artists from Stone and Water     These days are partly training for our existing volunteers, training for possible new volunteers and also just daysContinue reading “Fossils, Art and Inspiration”