A day for picnics

a Day for Picnics a Derwent Stories event Darley Park 6th August   Where did we go, 2 After our Derwent Stories events, we are posting blogs  a) where did we go – so you could go there yourself, maybe, and b) the activity we did there – so you could do that yourself, eitherContinue reading “A day for picnics”

small creatures event

Wild Beasts and Fabulous Flowers 21st August, 10 – 15.00 In the grounds of St Bartholomews School, Longnor, SK17 0NZ   What wildlife lives in the fields and gardens of Longnor? With wildlife walks and a bit of rummaging, we’ll bug-hunt and butterfly count and hope for beautiful bumblebees From bees, flowers, butterflies and wildlife:Continue reading “small creatures event”

Summer excitements!

Laughter, buzzards, buildings and fun A season of family events From fabulous buildings to amazing creatures, from wide skies and rolling clouds to blizzards, rain and vanishing rivers, we’ll be celebrating the wonderful world of the South West Peak. Picking up on themes around wildlife, history, buildings and people, these events will invite participants toContinue reading “Summer excitements!”

Festival Fringe excitements, July 2018

The Tiny! Tide rolls in again! For the umpteenth time (we’ve lost track of how many Tiny! Days we’ve had), a Tiny! Event will cheerfully frolic its way into the Pavilion Gardens for some Tiny! fun. We are also involved in the Lost Stories event on 19th and the Buxton Pride Picnic on 21st (separateContinue reading “Festival Fringe excitements, July 2018”

Summer adventures

Over the summer months, Stone and Water are hoping to arrange exciting events in different places as part of several projects   We cannot release definite dates and times yet as we are still waiting for funding to confirm but as the summer unfolds around us and flowers open and butterflies flutter, we wanted ourContinue reading “Summer adventures”

Tiny! Beasts, birds and butterflies

A day of Tiny! creatures Sunday 16th July 2017 Pavilion Gardens, Buxton and behold! we met the unguessed wildlife of the Peak district. From striped mice to rainbow mice, to delicate families of Tiny! deer, to lingerin dinosaurs and a whole shoal of freshwater sharks and dolphins. there were bumblebees too, and birds and butterfliesContinue reading “Tiny! Beasts, birds and butterflies”

TINY! Dragons, etc

TINY! DRAGONS, WYRMS AND SERPENTS Sunday 17th July 2016 11am – 4pm Pavilion Gardens, Buxton find us near the younger children’s play area Another Tiny! event. Join us to fill the Gardens with dragons, medieval wyrms and wonderful serpents – none of them bigger than your hand (or maybe a wriggle as long as yourContinue reading “TINY! Dragons, etc”

Bone Detectives

we have now finalised events for our Bone Detectives events in British Science Week Discovering the secrets of the skulls Here are the clues that will help you identify the mysterious skull you found on the beach or the bones on the moor, or perhaps here is simply the skills to exercise a fascination withContinue reading “Bone Detectives”

Summer events at Buxton Museum

Lively times at Buxton Museum While these events aren’t being organised by Stone and Water, artists who lead our events are leading these ones so we thought you might like to join in!   All events Venue:  Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Terrace Road, Buxton, SK17 6DA  Times: 10am – 12noon Booking: no booking necessary,Continue reading “Summer events at Buxton Museum”

A Wild Day Out!

A Wild Day Out (& plant swap) Sunday June 7th 12 noon – 4pm The Dove Valley Centre, Under Whitle Farm Sheen, Longnor, Buxton, SK17 0PR http://www.dovevalleycentre.co.uk email: walker @ dovevalleycentre.co.uk This is an annual event that has grown and changed over the eyars but remains a delightful start to the summer. Beautiful fields toContinue reading “A Wild Day Out!”