Boggarts at Longshaw!

An afternoon of BoggartsMonster -line

What day? Sunday February 17th 2013

When? 1.30 – 3.30pm

Where? Longshaw Estate, National Trust

Getting there:

Cost? our activities are free, but there might be car parking charge

Part of a bigger event at Longshaw marking the opening of their Boggart* Play Trail. Exploring with Stories will be on hand to tell some Boggart Tales and do a bit of Boggartt detecting – looking for signs of boggart life, adventures and mishaps….

* Boggarts? if you’re not sure then a word of explanation might help…Boggarts are the awkward cousins of the fairies. You’ll have read Fairy Stories, we are sure and you will know that Fairies are often beautiful. Boggarts aren’t. And that fairies are sometimes kind. Boggarts aren’t. And that fairies sometimes grant wishes. Boggarts? Not a hope!

But Boggarts are exciting, naughty, lumpy, bumpy, hairy and stary….Boggarts are fun