Prehistoric shark puppets

A FINGER FULL OF FISH make your own finger puppet ancient fish and prehistoric sharks   Recently, we had you making trilobites and other ancient sea creatures as fingerpuppets. In this session, let’s add some danger to the trilobites world with some large prehistoric fish…..   You might enjoy Dunkleosteus: 5 m long with jawsContinue reading “Prehistoric shark puppets”

Fingerfulls of trilobites

FINGERFULS OF TRILOBITES This is another of a number of posts replacing activity sessions which we have had to cancel. Fingerfossils is a Creeping Toad event in conjunction with Buxton Museum and Art Gallery and Stone and Water. Based in Buxton in the Peak District, we all collaborate and support each other as we can,Continue reading “Fingerfulls of trilobites”

Bone Detectives

we have now finalised events for our Bone Detectives events in British Science Week Discovering the secrets of the skulls Here are the clues that will help you identify the mysterious skull you found on the beach or the bones on the moor, or perhaps here is simply the skills to exercise a fascination withContinue reading “Bone Detectives”