Well-wooded Words – a book for Christmas?

Well-wooded Words

a book for Christmas?

Poetry trail booklet (low)

Are you planning for presents?
Why not add a touch of something leafy?

With 30 poems from 17 poets “Well-wooded words” takes its readers (and listeners – try reading these aloud to friends, loved ones and people who really don’t like you) from the wide moors of the high hills, over the craggy rocks of the edges, into the clear water of limestone streams and into the underground darkness of water-worn caves….

This collection contains poems from the first Grinlow Poetry Trail (2015), nominated for “excellence in spoken word” as part of Buxton Festival Fringe with our poets offering poems that

share your enjoyment, your passions, your delights and your despairs of, from or about the Peaks

Here, you can find poems that celebrate the ordinary and the everyday…
Grinlow woods
This morning, I am stepping
through my door
to walk around this town
on streets new with downpour.
I want to follow my feet;
to feel pavements rise and fall
around corners, between storeys,
by dripping gates and garden walls.

(from Buxton Rain by Karey Lucas-Hughes)

Grinlow 1…that turn everyday encounters into challenges…

So which one of you double dared me?
I’m no spring chicken but you don’t scare me.
Just you wait. You’ll see.
Do you think I’m afraid?
Of some hairy leaved weed?
(from Nettled by Linda Goulden)

…and that touch the beauty of the moors under the high clouds…

Peat pulses in my veins.

Stone stirs, settles in my bones.

The wide, wild moor 
stretches over my skin,


whispering of another life.
(from The wide, wild moor by Angie Pearson)

We have a few copies left. Priced at £4.00 (includes P&P unless it’s going overseas – ask for details)

Cheques to “Stone and Water”
Available from: Stone and Water 51-d West Road, Buxton, SK17 6HQ
Email: stoneandwater@btinternet.com
BACS/PayPal available

invite an adventure into the green

invite an adventure into the green

Words in the woods

Well-wooded Words

The Grinlow Poetry Trail

18th and 19th July 2015

Grinlow 1

most of the art doesn't need comment

most of the art doesn’t need comment

Running alongside the Grinlow Art and Storytelling Trail, we spilled words through the woods, threading poems between crocheted cups, very small peg-doll fairies, giant toadstools, occasional dinosaurs, paintings and people


There was something everywhere it seemed, under feet, over heads, ragged crows flying through the trees, a haiku shrubbery


We ran this first Poetry Trail separate from the Art and Storytelling Trail as we didn’t know if there would be enough interest in it to make a viable feature. There was. It did. It worked. Maybe next year we’ll knit the art, storytelling and DSCF3214poetry together even more closely. Most visitors didn’t separate one from the other and of course there were poems that were part of the art trail and storytellers who appeared in both….it’s too easy to ramble here so I’ll stop and paste in the Review of the Trail from the Festival Fringe below


And when you are feeling wildly inspired by all of this, you might like to get a copy of the Well-wooded words collection of poems. A modest £3.50 (includes P&P) from Stone and Water. Cheques to Stone and Water at 51-d West Road, Buxton, SK17 6HQ. Paypal is possible – drop us an email stoneandwater@btinternet.com and we’ll send you details

the booklet is actually a wonderful dark green....

the booklet is actually a wonderful dark green….


Grinlow Poetry Trail review

Derek1PTrailThe poetry trail was an enormous success. It was well attended with people taking a great interest in the poems as well as the art and the storytelling. It was enhanced greatly by the piano accordion player walking around and other musicians playing in the woods, which at first I heard from a distance. There was also a surprise performance of a choir at 1.30 pm singing four well known songs.

The art and poetry lived happily side by side. In one area there was a row of paintings showing mainly urban scenes each with a corresponding poem on the same subject. There was also a mushroom area with many poems about fairies not far away.

There was a great range of contributors, from people who wrote the occasional poem, to poets with more than a local reputation, through to the immortals like Shakespeare and Virgil.

The subjects included descriptions and feelings provoked by Grinlow Woods, works about the beauty and magic of woodlands, invitations to visit places nearby and poems about tragedies caused by drug-taking. Not all viewed nature as a source of joy. Some dwelt on less pleasant elements related to woodlands and nature such as trees fighting against the elements for survival.

One of my favourite sets of poems was written on large banners which were very eye-catching. The poems are about nature being in a constant state of flux and the poet’s thoughts became absorbed with the process. The poet tries to guess where the raindrops will fly and where they will rebound.

Another of my favourite poems dealt with a human relationship, making analogies with the progression of the seasons.

It all took place in a very beautiful environment with good weather which brought about much social interaction between the viewers.

Roger Horvath

Source: http://www.buxtonfringe.org.uk/reviews2015spo.html


Grinlow Art and Storytelling Trail review can be found here 


Summer events at Buxton Museum

Lively times at Buxton Museum

the excitements of Ice Age life: a visit from a wooly rhino!

the excitements of Ice Age life: a visit from a wooly rhino!

While these events aren’t being organised by Stone and Water, artists who lead our events are leading these ones so we thought you might like to join in!


All events

Venue:  Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Terrace Road, Buxton, SK17 6DA

 Times: 10am – 12noon

Booking: no booking necessary, just turn up and join in – but allow 45 minutes for making things

Costs: free events, just bring yourself and a cheerful grown-up if you are 7 years old or less


 Ice Age Life

Wednesday 29th July

Mammoths-10Step back in time with artist and storyteller Gordon from Creeping Toad and make your own model of Peak District life in a colder age. Inspired by mammoths and sabre-tooths, cave lions and reindeer we’ll make pop-up landscapes and the animals and people who lived here 10,000 years ago



Peg People of the Peaks

Wednesday 12th August

From elegant Victorian ladies to medieval villains, Norman knights to Robin Hood, all sorts of people have visited the Peaks. Artist Sarah Males will help you make your own characters, real or imaginary, nice or nasty, from the history of the Peaks


Lost tales of the Peaks

Wednesday 19th August

using photos of local buildings and places that feature in local stories, Gordon the Toad will tell old stories and help us invent new ones. From murder mysteries to wild romances, treasure hunts and terrible ghosts, we’ll spin new stories out of the hills, dales and buildings of the Peaks

what treasures will help us tell our stories

what treasures will help us tell our stories

Leek: once, now and next, Events

Events in October

a month of livelinesses

one of the few surviving carvings from Dieulacres

one of the few surviving carvings from Dieulacres

Events list

(all events are free, no booking is required but if numbers get too big we may have to ask you to go and have a find yourself of cake somewhere for a little while)


roasting apples in an Apple Day fire

roasting apples in an Apple Day fire

Sunday 12th: Apple Day, visit this farm in the Upper Dove Valley for an autumn day of orchards, fruit recipes, art and stories and a chance to explore this beautiful landscape, its animals and plants

Time: 11am – 3.30pm

Where: Dove Valley Centre, Under Whitle, between Sheen and Longnor


Friday 17th: Stitching time: join our artists and add your own panel to the new Cope for the Lost Abbey. Images of ancient saints and modern heroes lie side-by-side on this community cloak. With fabric and felt, wool, silk, thread, beads and sequins: no experience is needed!

Time: 1 – 3pm

Where: Silverdale Library, Newcastle: High St, Silverdale, Newcastle ST5 6LY, 01782 297444


Saturday 18th: Old stories, new adventures! Join our storyteller to listen to old tales of the Moorlands: of giants and mermaids and magic and monsters! Create your own stories about life and adventures in Leek

Time 10am – 12noon

Where: Leek Library, Church St, Leek


maidens. knights, horses and horrors...the delights of medieval stories!

maidens. knights, horses and horrors…the delights of medieval stories!

Saturday 18th: unrolling Leek! a Big Draw event, we’ll be drawing all your favourite places in Leek on one huge piece of paper: from Brough Park to the Foxlowe, from William Plummer’s anchor memorial to your own back garden, everywhere works!

Time: 2 – 4pm

Where: Foxlowe Art Centre, Market Place, Leek, Staffordshire ST13 6AD


Thursday 23rd, Ladydale Well, the Leek Ladder and other marvels: a talk by archaeologist Mark Olly. A chance to meet the more mysterious side of the town, join us to think, wonder and speculate

Time: 7.30 (finishing about 9 – 9.30), refreshments provided

Where: Quaker Meeting House, Overton Bank

Leek ST13 5ES


Saturday 25th, Birthday Party for a Lost Abbey! make a small monk puppet, write a poem, listen to stories, wonder at the Abbey Lanterns, add your own visions for the future of Leek – an afternoon of activities and creativity will lead to the unveiling of the Cope and the formal cutting of the Abbey Birthday Cake

Time: 2 – 6pm

Where Foxlowe Art Centre, Market Place, Leek, Staffordshire ST13 6AD


Tuesday 28th, Ancient Adventures: To celebrate Leek’s ancient history: come along and make your own medieval castle or pop up abbey – and add some tiny puppets to tell some ancient tales!

Time 10am – 12noon, 1.30 – 3pm: drop in, allow yourself 45 minutes to make something!

Where: Leek Library, Church St, Leek


Wednesday 29th, Dieulacres Abbey – Leek’s vanishing heritage. A talk by local historian Michael Fisher: find out about the history of Leek’s lost abbey!

Time: 7.30 – 9

Where: Foxlowe Arts Centre


Thursday 30th: Ancient tales, modern adventures: storytelling, story making, art: what adventures can we invent for the trees, animals and children of Brough Park?

Times: 10 -12, 1 – 3

Where: Brough Park: Vicarage Road Car Park or walk in and find us under a tree in the middle of the Park!


For more information, contact 01298 77964

work has already started: illuminations

work has already started: illuminations




Ancient Landscapes: summer events

We have some exciting activities

taking place over the holiday period.

Come and join us exploring the ancient environments

that gave us the Peak District

The Longshaw Estate taken from high ground in the Peak District, Derbyshire

All events are free (car parking charges may apply in some places). Family events suitable for children from 4 years and over

You could also visit our main project blog for more details


Event summaries first then fuller details below


1. Tuesday 30th July: Life in ancient seas, at the Moorland Discovery centre, National Trust Longshaw nr Hathersage

– make your own prehistoric rockpool model! Sessions 11 – 1 and 2 -4, no booking needed


2. Thursday 1st August: Monsters from the Limestone, Buxton Museum and Art Gallery: SK17 6DA, making large puppet fossil animals from the depths of the ancient Peak District seas!, 10-30 -12.30, 1.30 – 3.30low- fossils 297


3. Tuesday 6th August: Winnat’s Pass Walk: exploring the millstone grits of the Dark Peak. Meet: Castleton Visitor Centre Car Park, S33 8WP, at 2pm. Walk 2 – 4pm, some steep slopes and off paved footpaths


4. Wednesday 7th August: Life in Ancient Seas at Leek Low-Ilam-179

Brough Park, Leek, 11 – 3: meet the Ancient Landscape team and make your own finger-puppet fossils or ancient seascape


Events in detail

1. Life in ancient seas

Date: Tuesday 30th July 2013

Venue: Moorland Discovery Centre, National Trust Longshaw, nr Hathersage

Times: 11 – 1 and 2 – 4

Booking: no booking needed just drop by and join in

Cost: free: materials provided (donations welcomed)- car parking charges may apply


What’s happening?

Come and paddle in a prehistoric sea! Explore life in the Carboniferous Seas of 300 million years ago that eventually gave us the limestone, shale and gritstones of the Peak District. We’ll look at fossils to understand the animals of the times, draw those animals and the corals and seaweeds they lived in. Then visitors can make their own model rockpool as a piece of ancient seaside to take home


Eurypterid 12. Monsters from the Limestone

Date: Thursday 1st August 2013

Venue: Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, terrace Rd, Buxton SK17 6DA

Times: 10.30 – 12.30 and 1.30 – 3.30

Booking: no booking needed just drop by and join in

Cost: free: materials provided (donations welcomed) – car parking charges may apply

Organisers and more information: this is part of the Ancient Landscapes project organised by Stone and Water (http://ancientlandscapes.blogspot.co.uk/).


What’s happening?

Exploring life in the Carboniferous Seas that eventually gave us the limestone, shale and gritstones of the Peak District. We’ll look at fossils to understand the animals of those times, and build our own limestone creatures as puppets and masks – make a pet trilobite, wear a giant brachiopod, or have a tame crinoid or nautiloid to ripple home with you….

Basic activity is straightforward with lots of options for people to experiment with


3. Winnat’s Pass WalkClose view of rock formations on the Longshaw Estate, near Wooden Pole, Derbyshire, in October.

Date: Tuesday 6th August 2013

Meeting point: Castleton Visitor Centre Car Park, Castleton, Hope Valley S33 8WP

Times: 2 – 4pm

Booking: no booking needed just drop by and join in

Cost: free: materials provided (donations welcomed) – car parking charges may apply

Organisers and more information: this is part of the Ancient Landscapes project organised by Stone and Water (http://ancientlandscapes.blogspot.co.uk/).


What’s happening?

With National Trust Rangers, we will explore the geology of this dramatic gorge, meeting the millstone grit that eventually covered the limestone of the White Peak. A Stone and Water will help the group explore creatively: drawing rocks and shapes, composing instant poems, making up wild stories about the cliffs and caves of the Pass.

This walk will last 2 hours, has some steep slopes and will not remain on paved surfaces. Strong footwear essential and clothing to suit the weather


4. Life in Ancient Seas at Leek PlayDay

Date: Wednesday 7th  August 2013

Venue: Brough Park, Leek (beside the Leek Leisure Centre)

Times: 11 – 3

Booking: no booking needed just drop by and join in

Cost: free: materials provided (donations welcomed) – car parking charges may apply

Organisers and more information: this is part of the Ancient Landscapes project organised by Stone and Water (http://ancientlandscapes.blogspot.co.uk/).


What’s happening?

Come and paddle in a prehistoric sea! Explore life in the Carboniferous Seas of 300 million years ago that eventually gave us the limestone, shale and gritstones of the Peak District. We’ll be making personal finger-puppet trilobites and pet ammonites and models of ancient seasides…

seaweed strip 

The tide is running!

Stone and Water have had a lively few weeks.


Our Ancient Landscape project has been inviting people to paddle in a prehistoric Carboniferous sea all over the place, while our Tiny! series of events in Buxton Festival Fringe featured The Return of the Tiny! Pirates. Our working principle with Tiny! is that nothing is much bigger (if at all) than your hand – emphasising the delights of little things and how easy it is to make things quick, small and entertaining

We have visited

silk-worm coral and artwork

silk-worm coral and artwork

Lady Manners School – working with the Year 12 textile students

National Trust at Ilam Park for a Father’s Day event

Buxton Soroptomists where we gave an after-dinner talk complete with fossils, model trilobites and horseshoe crabs, and crochet seaweeds creeping across the tabletops

Peakabout Arts with High Peak Community Arts: with some beautifully deocrated felted kelps unfolding stickily across the workshop

cheerful work at Silverdale

cheerful work at Silverdale

Silverdale Knitting Group offering experienced knitters and crochet-masters new avenues for their creativity – and some fossils to enjoy.

Our artist Sarah, reports: “A lovely afternoon at Silverdale Library with the knitting group. We set off travelling back through time, as far back as 360m years ago, thinking about life in shallow seas. Images of corals, sea lilies and brachiopods living in our landscapes, long, long ago and far, far away. Today we have fossils, clear and tangible memories of life at that time. And our challenge? To help the reef grow, creating with crochet, fossilising with felt and knitting new creatures to populate this ancient landscape.

Hooks and needles, stitching and stabbing (needle felt!) and a busy room all combined to produce twisting coral shapes and felted fish, jellies and stars. Some Silverdale folks plan to visit Buxton”

And a reply from the Knitting group: “I just wanted to extend my thanks on behalf of the ladies who attended the session yesterday .We all had a brilliant time! Thank you again for arranging it for us. A couple of the ladies mentioned on the way out that they are going to drive up to Buxton for the open day! All in all I think it was very successful and I wish that Sarah could come to us every Friday!!”


giant ammonite drawing

giant ammonite drawing



the Tiny! Pirates are on their way back!

the Tiny! Pirates are coming back!





The Tide Comes In!

An ancient sea in Hartington!

 low- fossils 297

 On Sunday 12th May from 1 – 5pm, the ancient landscapes of the Peak District will come to life again (albeit a bit woolly and fluffy) in Hartington

fingertip corals

fingertip corals

As part of the events to launch the Village Trail, our Ancient Landscape will be on show. Visitors will be welcome to dip their fingers into the woolly tentacles of ancient sea anemones and risk a nibbling by trilobites

Visitors will also be able to add their own fingertip corals or other creatures to the growing reef and to make their own Prehistoric Rockpool or Personal Trilobite to take home

you never know just what you'll find in an ancient rockpool

you never know just what you’ll find in an ancient rockpool

Event details

Date: Sunday 12th May 2013,

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Costs: our activities are free (not sure about others)

Venue: Village Hall, Hartington, Hide Lane, Buxton, SK17 0AW

Other activities include fossils to look at, the Village Trail to follow, activities with the Peak Park Rangers and the chance to enjoy one of the Peak District’s lovely villages!

Low-Puppets 9749

dipping your fingers into an ancient landscape can be a risky undertaking!