Fossils, Art and Inspiration


Fossils, Art and Inspiration

2 days of art for grown-ups

Sunday 10th and Sunday 17ht March 2013

at the Dove Valley Centre, nr Longnor

experimenting with needle-felt and crochet

experimenting with needle-felt and crochet

two days of activities with artists from Stone and Water




These days are partly training for our existing volunteers, training for possible new volunteers and also just days for adults who’d like to have a go themselves. We have worried about the wording of these – we want to offer days for adults and teenagers rather than families – we do a lot of activities for family groups but sometimes it is good for grow-ups to have some creative time that is just for themselves…

These days also mark the overlap between the end of  our “Exploring with Stories” project and the start of the next phase of “Ancient Landscapes




Inspired by fossils from local limestone and the rich landscapes of the Upper Dove Valley, we’ll share skills, ideas and techniques giving ourselves time to experiment and reflect


No experience needed – just join in and have a go!

Workshops are free and materials are provided but spaces are limited so please book a place (either day or both)

Further details sent with confirmation


Sunday 10th: crochet your own coral, needle-felt a fish, printing fossils, small models of monsters

Sunday 17th: making tiny people, plankton cloths, casting fossils, just drawing, fossil lanterns


Booking and more information:

07791 096857

creating our own ancient rockpools

creating our own ancient rockpools




a Carboniferous Landscape in progress


Work on our latest Ancient Landscape proceeds. We are mixing geology and palaeontology with a very liberal dose of imaginative creativity to reveal the ancient, marine environments that gave rise to the limestone that lies under our hills

the group was as busy as ever

The latest session with a Project eARTh group working at the Fairfield Community Centre in Buxton has produced some disconcerting results…..


forms taking shape


animal? plant? no-one was very sure


confusion continued with this lengthy find. We wondered what you’d think if you fished it up into a boat…..


and the question ahs to be, “But what is it?”

Ancient Landscapes

This blog is going to begin in the middle of a project. Over the next few days, we’ll fill in the background to “Ancient Landscapes” and our own organisation

Ancient Landscapes, May 2012

we’ve had a busy few days as the second phase of this project begins, or maybe as the tide runs again toward the full


crocheting ancient landscapes takes concentration….

With Ancient Landscapes, we are looking at the limestone of the Peak District where we live and the fossils that rock contains. Then mixing observation, deduction and wild imagination, we work to create the original environments that spawned our limestone as installations in crochet, knitting, clay, beads, felt and anything else that takes our artists fancy!


concentration and cups of tea….

The first installation is on display in Leek for the next two weeks as part of the Borderland Voices exhibit in the Emporium Art Exhibition (details to follow)

Meanwhile, a new group has taken up the challenge of extending the ancient landscape and a session at Buxton Museum last week, led on to a workshop at Fairfield Community Centre today. Five more sessions will follow and then we’ll see just how our coral garden grows before it unfolds its glories again in the Buxton Art Trail in the summer


the first stage installation on display in Leek


Our use of crochet in Ancient Landscapes was inspired by the global Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project ( whose influence we acknowledge even though we couldn’t afford to sign into their network as a community group.

The connection between those techniques, other artforms and our Peak District landscapes comes from ourselves, Stone and Water, our Buxton-based community group dedicated to celebrating the creativity of the people and landscapes of the Peaks.