Colouring the canal at Cromford

Mills, canals and creatures Drawing the canal   Back in November as part of the Derwent Mills Heritage Site Discovery Days programme, we took the Derwent Stories project to Cromford for a final event There, between the Canal and the Mill we invited people – and their dogs – to add to a long, unrolling,Continue reading “Colouring the canal at Cromford”

Rocks, fossils and cheerful puppets

Rocks, fossils and cheerful puppets Derwent Stories at the Altitude Festival 16th Sept 2018   First there were rocks. And some lovely stones. And fossils. Chalk and limestone, granite and gabbro. Rocks to hold and think about. Trilobites, goniatites, crinoids and teeth.  We thought these would feed into lovely puppet and word activities inspiring quietContinue reading “Rocks, fossils and cheerful puppets”

Autumn art and stories

Autumn art and stories Saturday 22nd September 1 – 4pm High Peak Junction car park a Derwent Stories event Summer birds are leaving, Summer lives sinking into winter stillness, But Rosehips are shining, Delicate toadstools sprout in the leaf litter, Conkers drop on unguarded heads, And squirrels are busy burying acorns While jays dig themContinue reading “Autumn art and stories”

Summer stories and dangerous rabbits

Summer stories at Carsington Water  A Derwent Stories event shape your own stories With all our DS events, we are following up the actual event with reports like this – with notes about where we went – so you could go again yourself – and what we did – so you could do it yourself!Continue reading “Summer stories and dangerous rabbits”

Talking Stones!

Talking stones! Sunday 16th September 12 – 4pm Mt Cook Adventure Centre Wirksworth DE4 4LS Derwent Stories  at Altitude Youth Music and Arts Festival   Do you like rocks? Do you investigate stones and enjoy fossils? Join us for a different take on some familiar minerals! We’re going to be making puppets inspired by theContinue reading “Talking Stones!”

a book of bees?

Build your own book a Derwent Stories activity On our Bumbles, butterflies and picnics day with Derwent Stories, we made Bumble Books and drew in these the insects and flowers we were finding.   These are concertina books which essentially fit one long folded strip of paper into a cover. Once you are used to doingContinue reading “a book of bees?”

A day for picnics

a Day for Picnics a Derwent Stories event Darley Park 6th August   Where did we go, 2 After our Derwent Stories events, we are posting blogs  a) where did we go – so you could go there yourself, maybe, and b) the activity we did there – so you could do that yourself, eitherContinue reading “A day for picnics”

Make your own ancient rockpool

Inspired by fossils Make your own ancient rockpool A Derwent Stories activity What might you have found if you had strolled along the beach of an ancient sea a few hudnred million years ago…. We have used this easy technique many times. We designed it for public events where we would have to make aContinue reading “Make your own ancient rockpool”

Derwent Stories

Derwent Stories seasons, stories and art outdoors   Over the summer and autumn of 2018, Stone and Water are running a series of creative outdoor events structured to support families with children with additional needs. With funding from Derwentwise and Foundation Derbyshire, and advice and support from Umbrella, events are happening along the Lower DerwentContinue reading “Derwent Stories”

Summer stories at Carsington

Summer stories Tales of wild creatures and adventurous children! Wednesday 29th August 2018 Carsington Water, Derbyshire   There are adventures everywhere and stories waiting to be told, tales waiting to be heard. In the wind whispering through the leaves, in the shadows under the bench, in the sudden splash of something in a pond.  Continue reading “Summer stories at Carsington”